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Merchant/Tenant Representation

Our primary focus is on merchant and tenant representation and for good reason. We believe to be successful in this business you must always put yourself in the tenant’s shoes. We assist tenants in their efforts to expand, better position, or simply right-size their respective portfolios. Through our extensive market knowledge, expertise and professional services, we have built a valued reputation in assisting national, regional and local tenants with their real estate needs.

Strategic Planning

Whether its wanting to expand your company's reach by rolling out multiple locations, establishing a location in any given region for the first time or launching a start-up, we can help you determine where you need to be and develop a strategic plan to help you get there.​We are available for a wide range of consulting services, including: market strategy and development, site acquisition, site disposition, and site development.

Real Estate & Municipality Consulting

In many states, retail sales tax is the lifeblood of a community’s general fund. In every community, shopping and dining are major components of the overall quality of life. Retail is the most dynamic and rapidly changing industry on the planet and it takes experienced real estate professionals in order to successfully navigate today’s retail landscape. The Canvass Group assists clients by combining data and analytics with time spent in the market, assessing sites and opportunities for retail growth or regeneration. From the development or redevelopment of shopping centers, commercial corridors to downtowns and functionally obsolete sites, TCG provides an objective assessment of these assets.

Owner/Developer Representation

The Canvass Group represents owners who want to sell, lease, or re-develop properties throughout the southeastern region. We will assist you with market analysis, financial analysis and professional marketing materials to assist in attracting quality prospective tenants and/or buyers.

Our primary focus is on merchant and tenant representation. We believe to be successful in this business you must always put yourself in the tenant’s shoes.

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